More on Solisan

Long life expectancy. They are free of electrochemical corrosion and thanks to the excellent technical standards of the raw material (PP-R 80), are particularly resistant to high pressure and temperature .

Low pressure loss. Their smooth surface eliminates the pressure losses caused by frictions, as there is no formation of calcareous scaling so the initial pressure drop remains negligible throughout the pipe's life.

Non toxic (they are certified for suitability for use in drinking water) and they are friendly to the environment (recyclable).

Thermal and sound insulation. Due to the raw material that are produced of and the thickness of the pipe the heat loss and the possibility of condensation when used in cooling systems is minimized. In that way, the thickness of insulation needed, is minimized.The flow is noiseless.

They are connected with fittings that provide credibility in tightness, easy and quick installation and therefore quality and low cost. Guaranteed for 10 years constant operation in cold and hot water.