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They are particularly flexible with a smooth surface. They are produced according to DIN 16833/16834/4721/4726 specifications and are accompanied by quality certificates of german institutes, like SKZ for their mechanical resistance, MPA for oxygen barrier and by guarantee of 2.000.000 CHF, that covers their good function. OCTATHERM pipes are in the market for more than 20 years and more specifically to installations of heating and sanitation with excellent results and their annual consumption is increasing year by year against other competitive pipes. They are produced in white or black color with UV stabilizers, with or without protective corrugated pipe. They are available in various coil lengths from 100m to 600m for single pipes and in 50m coils for pipes with protective corrugated pipe. They can be connected with many types of fittings, such as screw fittings, press fittings, speed fits, electro fusion etc.

Physical Properties


Octatherm – Related

Octatherm (PE-RT) Double – Black

Octatherm (PE-RT) Double – White

Octatherm (PE-RT) Single

Octatherm (PE-RT) 3 – 5 Layers