More on Groundtherm

Due to better output that GROUNDTHERM has in comparison to the common systems applied, the system can operate with lower water temperature. Also, it may cooperate with the modern saving energy systems, like heat pumps, solar collectors, geothermy etc. It is manufactured by a special raw material polypropylene random and it is very resistant to corrosion, to axidic conditions of the ground, to fertilisers and to pesticides. Its profile looks like a "Radiator" and has double output from the usual smooth pipe of polypropylene. It is available in 25mm diameter and has nominal operating pressure 1,5 Bar at the usual heating temperature of greenhouses(50°C). It is accompanied by fittings made of the same material. SOLIN S.A. offers full technical support through the specialised engineer department.


For the study of the engineering department the following data are required:

  1. the area, where the greenhouse is located
  2. the dimensions of the greenhouse
  3. the cover material (PE film, single or double glass, polycarbonate plates etc)
  4. the type of plants that will be cultivated distance between plants

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