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The plastic pipes for transporting cold water (up to 50°C) under pressure, are produced by high density polyethylene of second generation PE80 and are distributed in the market with the trade name AQUAFLEX. They are produced according to the German standards DIN 8074/8075 ,are available in blue or black color and they belong to MRS8 category . (The minimum required strength, that a pipe bears when operating at nominal pressure PN for 50 years at 20°C). The black colored pipes offer increased protection to UV radiation, because they have UV stabilizers.

The inner smooth surface that they have, prevents the accretion of salts. Thus the cross section of pipe remains unchanged, unlike the metal tubes, where the salt deposits may reduce the internal diameter to a large extent and create conditions for turbulent flow. PE pipes have small curve radius (closed curves up to 20 times the diameter of the pipe) and due to their flexibility, a significant number of fittings is avoided, so they offer economy to the installation. They are transported easily, due to their packing and they have easy stock. Also, they withstand soil movements and chemical corrosion. The specific category of the raw material (PE 80) is proposed for pipes with diameter up to Φ32, since for larger diameters and for the same pressures, the third generation polyethylene (PE 100) saves wall thickness and thus, raw material.

So, the plastic pipes AQUAFLEX (transfer of cold water up to 50°C) under pressure, in bigger dimensions are produced by high density polyethylene of third generation PE100. They are available in black color, but they can be produced also in blue color upon request. They belong to MRS 10 category and are produced according to DIN 8074/8075 and EN 12201-2.


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