More on Alpertsol

They are characterised as pipes of the century,because they combine the advantages of metal pipes (small linear expansion and high mechanical strength) with the advantages of plastic pipes (flexibility, without formation of salts inside the pipe, resistance to electro corrosion, low noise level, fast and easy installation ) They are available in the market with the trade name AL-PERT-SOL and SOLIN S.A. is the only greek company that produces them. .AL-PERT-SOL pipes are produced according to international specifications ASTM F1282 and are accompanied by SKZ certification for their mechanical resistance and by guarantee of good use up to 2.000.000 CHF


Table - Technical Characteristics
Code DimensionPacking
1877142011 1877142012 14x2* 100m/200m
1877162011 1877162012 16x2 100m/200m
1877182011 1877182012 18x2 100m/200m
1877202011 1877202012 20x2 100m/200m
1877262011 1877263012 26x3 50m
1877322011 1877323012 32x3 50m