AQuality Assurance

Our primary concern and our main commitment is to ensure the quality of our products. Advanced equipment of latest technology, highly educated specialists involved in the production of pipes and fittings, everyday laboratory tests of random samples from each batch as well as raw materials, assure the high quality of our products.

During the production procedure, the following checks are performed daily:

– Measurements of external diameter and wall thickness of pipe.
– Calibrated check of constant internal diameter of the pipe and pipe connection with the fittings (screw fittings or press fittings) .
– Inspection and regulation of the parameters on each production line.

In SOLIN’s laboratory the following tests are performed:

– Measurement of the flow index, density and the moisture content of the
raw materials in order to be within the standards set by the specification limits are made every day.

– Measurement of cross linking degree for the PEX-b pipes.
– Heat reversion check which shows the linear restore of the pipe after heat treatment.
– Internal pressure creep test (hydrostatic test) that shows the resistance of the pipe to the influence of the internal hydrostatic pressure in specific temperatures.
– Microscopic test of homogenization of raw material where several samples of pipes are taken from each production and the degree of homogenization of raw materials is measured.

– OIT measure (oxidative induction time), the measurement that is performed in both raw material and the produced pipe. It is an accelerated thermal procedure of aging in oxidative environment that gives us information about the proper stabilization of the raw material and the resistance of the final product to oxidation versus time.
– Tensile strength tests and determination of elasticity and elongation coefficient of the PB pipes indicating the high quality production and mechanical strength of the specific types of pipe.
– Test of resistance and reliability in time through cyclic tests i.e. temperature and pressure alternation. These tests are performed in pipe and fittings systems.

All the above mentioned tests and measurements are performed according to specific international standards for each type of pipe.