Company profile

SOLIN SA was founded in 1986, with main activity the production of plastic pipes, fittings and integrated heating, water supply and drainage systems. 

For more than 35 years, the stable orientation of company in quality and innovation has established it as one of the leading Greek manufacturing companies in its field.

With a strong export orientation and a stable presence in the most important international exhibitions, SOLIN exports its products to 40 countries around the world, covering 60% of its annual turnover.

Our vision

Our aim is to expand our presence to both Greek and international markets and SOLIN’s name to be established as a reference point and quality standard in its field

Our mission

With the help of our specialized employees we try to meet all the new requirements of the modern market through continuous research and scientific practices.


Our goal is to constantly upgrade our infrastructure and equipment and the continuous train of the company's staff in order to improve and faster the service to our customers.


The philosophy of our company, both of the Management and of its executives, was, is and will remain the complete harmonization of the production with the requirements of the strictest regulations and certifications, but also of the needs of its collaborators.

Our people

We believe that the success of a business comes from its people. Our employees are our most important asset. It is the driving force of SOLIN company. With their dedication and hard work they contribute to the achievement of our mission, which is the continuous development and evolution of our company. We invest in them through continuous education and training.

Our facilities

The head office is located in the privately owned building at 12 Souliou Street, Nea Chalkidona, Athens. As well as the Administration offices, seminar room, showroom, and some storage spaces.

Τhe factory with the main warehouses is located in A’ Industrial Area of Volos with buildings of 17.500m2, in a total plot extent of about 33.000m2.


Building facilities 17,500m²

Distribution network

3 distribution centers in Greece (Athens-Volos-Thessaloniki)

Privately owned vehicles

Fleet of 15 privately owned vehicles 


SOLIN S.A. is certified by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) for quality management systems according to ISO 9001/2015. All the procedures, from the receipt of raw materials until the delivery of the final product to the customer, are governed by the rules of quality assurance system. Moreover, SOLIN’s products have certifications from international institutes, with validity, whose standards exceed.