The revolutionary drainage system SOLIDRAINS consists of flexible spiral outside and smooth inside PVC pipes, as well as PVC fittings. This system provides high standards of resistance and sealing for the operating conditions of the domestic drainage network or industrial installations. These pipes are suitable for waste water. SOLIDRAINS system is patented and SOLIN S.A. is the only Greek company that produces it.


-Easy and quick installation
-Easy stock
-Reliable system
-Flexibility in installation, it can follow any prearranged direction on the floor due to the pipe’s flexibility
-This system (both pipes and fittings) is made from PVC material that is already successfully tested at the drainage systems for many years
-Easy transportation, since this system can be transferred with private car


-To connect the fittings to the spiral surface of the pipe, coat four to six fundamental difference points of the tube, with SOLISEAL glue and rotate in order the fitting to be screwed. By that way, the glue is distributed over the total welding surface of the pipe. SOLISEAL is a special glue, polyurethane based, that with humidity, is polymerized in strong rubber, which is very resistant to temperature changes or weather conditions and has high adhesion.

-This system can operate with safety, 24 hours after SOLISEAL application, necessary time required for its polymerization. This time is inversely proportional to the humidity of the place. That means that the bigger the humidity in the area, the less time is needed for polymerizing of SOLISEAL.

-To weld the cylindrical smooth surfaces of the fittings with the entrance of the waterspouts, you must use the special glue for PVC. In case that the waterspout is waterproofed with rubber rings, the fitting waterproofs by tightening nuts.

-If in the bathroom (under installation), the entrances of the waterspout are not sufficient (total 4) and you need one more, there is the possibility to increase them by using a semi tee Φ40. With its application, every entrance of the waterspout is divided into two individual.