AAbout Us

A  few things you need to know about us

SOLIN S.A. is a Greek production company that produces composite and plastic pipes as well as fittings of a wide range of applications. It’s one of the oldest companies of its kind and the only one with such a large range of pipe production for heating and sanitation. In cooperation with its mother company, Petros Blatzas S.A., it offers integrated solutions for heating, sanitation, drainage systems, as well as for greenhouse heating, geothermy, solar systems, cooling and irrigation. Primary and integral presupposition of its existence, since its establishment until today, is the quality of its products.

SOLIN’s driving force is not only the profit, as much as the ambition to develop and create innovative products of high technology, under strict standards and quality certification. Philosophy of management and executives of the company was and remains the complete harmonization of the production with the requirements of stringent regulations and certification, but also with the needs of SOLIN’s clients.

The company employs 80 well trained specialists who are working strongly for covering the philosophy of the company that is: Total customer’s satisfaction. The head office is located in Athens, as well as the management and some areas of storage, while the factory with the main warehouses is located in A’ Industrial Area of Volos with buildings of 17.500m2, in a total plot extent of about 33.000m2.

In a course of more than 30 years of the manufacturing process and having the experience and knowledge of experts in this field, our products are among the top quality of their kind in the international markets and provide practical, reliable and enduring solutions to multiple applications.